Final thoughts on BCA. I don’t know if I’m ever going to make a last impression video or re-visit BCA anytime soon so I’m going to put some last thoughts in bullet form. Must do it as soon as possible or else it will disappear

  • In some ways, the school let me develop creatively and help me find myself. Half of the bullshit/outfits I did/ wore would probably never pass at my town high school.  If I didn’t virtually “start over”, I would never have had the balls to experiment with my style, which is an integral part of my identity.
  • BCA made me realize that I was a type of person who couldn’t exactly immediately respect people: if you want my respect, you need to earn it. Just  experiencing the administrative BS and the slew of under-par teachers I’ve had (especially freshman year) develop into that type of person
  • There are many types of people I had the pleasure/displeasure of meeting.  This made me grow as a person and allowed to become familiar with different types of people I’ve never accounted before. 
  • There are periods of time during these past four years when I felt lonely and angsty.  Of course this would have happened even if I didn’t go to BCA but it is important.  I feel like going through the many “emo” periods let me become in-tune with myself and comfortable with being by myself
  • Dammit, is it weird that I’m going to miss some of my teachers?
  • And the rooms at school? And the stupid grafitti on the wall?
  • As much as the school annoys me sometimes, our humor is amazing
  • Yeah this just went downhill after the fourth bullet?
  • Finally, I think these random bouts of feelings of “bottomless pits” in my stomach is because I am truly going to miss the position I was/am in near the end of senior year.